About Me

Hi! I’m Jackie. Photography has always been important in my life and it kind of snuck up on me as a career choice, almost as if the decision was made for me by destiny and I went with the flow. In my late teens/early 20s, I used to express my creativity with pencils, oils and watercolors. I loved to paint!! I have always had the need to preserve memories and it has always been very important for me to keep mementos and trinkets of special experiences in my life (Concert tickets in the late 90’s anyone?? I saved them all). I had my daughters and I became completely obsessed with documenting their childhood, they are my little muses. Friends and family started commenting on how beautiful my photos are and then one day a friend asked me to photograph her wedding…and the rest, as they say, is history.┬áMy father bought me my first “big girl” camera soon after the birth of my girls I and immersed myself heart, body and soul into learning everything I could about photography. It became an insatiable passion and I would be up all night reading tutorials and watching videos. That is when I realized that a photograph was an instant painting, and a moment can be beautifully saved in an image. The best of both worlds, for me! A painting and a memory combined. Sometimes we don’t realize how special a moment is until it becomes a memory…and that, to me, is the power of a photograph.

For the last 3 years I have photographed several weddings, newborns and families and I have enjoyed every second of it!! So many of my clients have become friends and the experiences have been so rewarding. I am now working on a new facet of my photography and I am introducing modern glamour portraiture. I want to offer women the full experience of being pampered with hair and make up, the fun of dressing up and then having beautiful portraits taken. As women, we tend to either be too hard on ourselves or not make time to do something special for ourselves. I envision my portrait sessions as a time to pamper you physically and emotionally…beautiful portraits are the cherry on the top!!